Public Health

The public health Unit is equipped with some of the best public health personnel with impeccable service delivery. We at the public health Unit seek to enable clients take charge of their health, through empower health, health promotion activities such as health screening, health education and vaccination activities (ie Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine, Typhoid vaccine, Cholera vaccine, Meningitis Vaccine, Pneumococcal vaccine, Yellow Fever Vaccine, Hepatitis vaccine, Polio vaccine, HPV vaccine, Chicken pox vaccine, Rabies vaccine). We also set up school clinics for schools and organize health promotional activities for Schools, adolescent friendly services and free Hepatitis B testing for everyone as part of our cooperate-social activities. We also offer Voluntary Testing and Counseling for various infectious diseases including hepatitis B and C and Hiv. We provide child welfare monitoring (weighing and immunization) services and home visitation. Contact our office for any public health need and we are ready to sort you out.


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