Occupational Therapy

"Occupation" as used in Occupational therapy means any meaningful activity a person engages in. The goal of occupational therapy is to help people become more successful in their daily occupations. Children’s occupations may include: playing, learning, self-care (i.e. eating, toileting, brushing teeth, getting dressed), socializing with other children, and interacting with the community.

The goal of occupational therapy is to equip children with the skills needed to become functional and independent as they grow. We do this through a variety of approaches which might include: using visual supports, using positive reinforcement, breaking down task into small steps, or sensory strategies.

Your child may need Occupational Therapy if he/she is experiencing any of the following below:

  • Poor fine motor skills
  • Trouble with reading/writing
  • Immature gross motor skills
  • Decreased motor control
  • Decreased eye hand coordination
  • Difficulty with visual perception
  • Overly sensitive to sensory input
  • Under responsive to sensory input
  • Touches people or objects constantly (seeking sensory input)
  • Crashes and/or bangs into people or objects
  • Falls often
  • Difficulty calming self
  • Difficulty with sleeping
  • Difficulty with eating and food choices
  • Difficulty with sitting still, attention, and/or behavior
  • Emotional reactivity
  • Reactive to feel of clothing, baths, haircuts, nail cutting, or tooth brushing
  • Limited play skills
  • Poor social development
  • Limited independence in self care skills
  • Difficulty transitioning or accepting change in environment or routine

The Occupational therapy team here at mission pediatrics strive to provide excellence and family centred care.

If you are concerned about your child's development call to schedule an appointment with an occupational therapist right away.


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