Clinical Nutrition and Diet Therapy Unit

Nutrition plays a critical role in disease management and healthy growth of the body. At the Mission Clinic, the dietary department ensures that people get the dietary support that they need, based on their unique energy and dietary requirement. Meal plans are tailored to suit the needs of babies, toddlers, adolescents and adults.

Mission Paediatrics

At the paediatric unit, children are provided the nutrition support that they need to encourage growth and to promote their health and wellbeing. Services include, dietary and health status assessment, nutrition counselling, as well as, virtual support for caregivers of children.

Children with neurological defects, including those with epilepsy, characterised by frequent seizures, are supported at adapt dietary behaviours that will help to elicit anti-epileptic effect and gradually reduce the frequency of seizure onset. Additionally, children with autistic challenges are provided the dietary support that they need, to enable them to have healthier body weight.

A team of health professionals are ready to help and assist children on a case by case basis.

Mission Family Healthcare Centre

Diseases pertaining to diet and lifestyle have become increasingly common in populations globally. Non-communicable diseases including Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Obesity and even some Cancers are mostly diet-related. At the Dietetic unit, we ensure that people with diseases that are attributed to diet and lifestyle get the support that they need to develop healthier patterns and improve their health conditions. We provide Dietary counselling and support to ensure that people get the best of care and nutrition support, dietary counselling that they need in order to effectively manage their disease conditions.

Our Services include:

Mission Paediatrics

  • Dietary support for the growing infant
  • Nutrition support for toddlers
  • Dietary Assessment, Nutrition Counselling and Lifestyle Support for kids and teenagers.
  • Special Dietary Care for children with Neurological disorders

Family Healthcare Unit

  • Diet Therapy for body weight management
  • Diabetes Care and Management
  • Blood pressure monitoring and management
  • Support for Gastric disease and Enteritis
  • Dyslipidaemia
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Nutrition support for Cancer patients


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